At the end of the last millennium I moved to Birmingham to study orchestral percussion, shortly followed on by a postgrad in composition with technology. While this formal training was being carried out I also immersed myself in the local music scene, playing drums with college mates (including Jim Moray) in pop/punk/rock outfits before falling in with Birmingham based experimental alternative band Pram. This in turn led to numerous other incarnations, including one I continue to work with today namely Modified Toy Orchestra.

Other collaborations have been numerous over the years, comprising anything from one-off grand spectacular shows, to National/ International tours/gigs, to recording sessions and beyond in to uncharted sonic territory. This has included working with artists and groups as follows (in no particular order!):

Lucy Farrell

Lisa Knapp

Jim Sutherland – La Banda Europa

Dreams of Tall Buildings feat. Arve Henriksen

Eliza Carthy and The Wayward Band


Rhys Chatham

Justin Wiggan


Emily Portman



Mark Anderson